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Street photography is what I enjoy most. I love urban and grungy settings and found that when I visited Lisbon, Portugal it really was that exact style I love. When completing my GCSE's my final major project focused on looking at the world in an unusual way, I decided to use the style of TV series 'American Horror story' to capture that dark aesthetic. I took photos of derelict buildings, dark back allies, tall old looking gates and graveyards all to capture the grungy style I was after, I then later used these images to complete a painting of the 'graveyard girl' which consisted of dark tones. Whenever I pick up my camera I am drawn straight away to the graffiti that's plastered across walls of the streets and old looking buildings as this is what appeals to me, I love this style as it shows that the world is quite frankly not perfect and it shows realness and truth. I really like night time photography and always find I am capturing grungy/urban aesthetics, I incorporate this into my work with fashion too.

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