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Level Up!

Hey guys, I'm back with another blog post. My schedule has been super busy lately and I can't lie I have been finding it really tough working full time, whilst juggling a photography course that I do and now starting up my own magazine. That's right a magazine!

The photography course that I do has been so much fun and has taught me a vast amount. Since starting my course I have come a long way with having confidence in using my camera. I've always had a good eye for photography but I wanted to learn everything about using the camera itself. We are now coming to the end of our course and are currently completing our final major project. The title for our FMP is 'Welcome to my world' and as I am set on pursuing a career as a fashion photographer, I thought this would be a great opportunity to base my project around this.

When thinking of different ideas for my project, looking for inspiration on social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest it came to mind that there is a gap in the market for magazines promoting small business'. A lot of my friends/family all started up their own business' during lockdown which have now become very successful. This gave me the idea that I could work with a range of different small business creatives relating to fashion/jewellery/art/music and showcase their business' in a magazine - promoting shopping small and supporting your local brands!

When reaching out to different small business' it brought me a lot of happiness knowing that they really wanted to get involved and I could see this being a great opportunity for them. Each business that I have worked with has been amazing, the business' featured in the magazine are all based around Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol.

Every part of the making of the magazine has all been done by myself. Each shoot was planned and shot by me, later edited and all put together into a magazine. Of course I couldn’t have done any of it without the amazing models and small business’ involved. The title of the magazine will be 'looch' - which comes from the sounding of my name (Lucia) which is Italian. It's catchy and unique and I wanted to have my name involved as I have been the face behind it all. Like I said it's all been super tough but I'm at the last push now, PRE-SALE will go live on the 9th May and I cannot wait to share this with everyone!

Keep an eye out for it,


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