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Fake it till you make it!

Updated: May 5, 2022

Hey there I'm Georgia! I am fairly new to the photography scene and I have to say I really love it, I'm constantly learning new things everyday and that's ok because we all have to start somewhere. I've always had a strong passion for photography since I was twelve, when I was bought my first camera as a present. I was obsessed with it and drew a keen interest into the urban side of photography.

I have always been a very creative individual, since I was young I would draw and paint and all of my subjects which I chose for GCSE and A-level were creative based, (Art & Design, Media, ICT and Music). Doing something creative always appealed to me as I found it fun and came natural to me.

In 2012 I was very lucky to attend my first fashion show - Cardiff fashion week at KuKu club in Cardiff. This was so much fun! This later grew into a love for fashion and I decided to complete a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising, not knowing what course to really take at the time. During my time at University I completed a buying internship at Vivienne Westwood in their London head office, which was so much fun. However, I would always envy my friends on the creative direction & styling and photography courses as I found these were more up my street! I'd help them with their shoots and loved being part of the creative side to it and knew this was something I wanted to pursue instead.

After completing my degree in Fashion at Southampton Solent University I returned home to Cardiff. Since being back I decided to invest my time back into what I love - photography! I began a photography course which has taught me so much. On my course we look at all different types of photography, from Landscape to Portrait etc. and are given different shooting tasks weekly. At the start of my course I invested into a Canon DSLR 2000D camera and since starting my course I've grown so much confidence with it. I have since bought new lenses and realised how expensive they are!! I've also tested out with all different types of photography which has helped build my portfolio.

I was also given an amazing opportunity to work alongside a photographer and work my first wedding! This was great fun and I met so many lovely people, the job is very sociable which I love as I am a very chatty person! This was a great experience and allowed me to capture high end couture fashion and made me realise that I would like to shoot more weddings.

My main interests include Fashion and Street photography. I love urban street culture and the 90s aesthetic - baggy jeans and oversized fits! My main goal is to become a fashion photographer for a fashion magazine like Vogue or Elle, big dreams! I really enjoy directing and styling shoots, I've had so much fun recently with some that I've directed and styled myself. I am looking to invest a lot of time into my photography over the next few months and really push it, as I am looking to start applying for placements/work experience over the summer!

If you are new here, me too! Join my photography journey and let's grow and enjoy it together. Its an exciting journey and I cannot wait.


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