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Georgia-Lucia Evans

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Hey, I'm Georgia! I'm 23 years old and from Cardiff, Wales. I'm a freelance photographer based in Cardiff. I specialise in fashion, street and events photography. I have always had a passion for photography and I've recently started to really push myself with it. After graduating from University I started a photography course which has taught me a lot, I'm constantly learning on the go and trying to better my skills more and more everyday.


I have always been a very creative individual, my passion for photography came from a young age. I remember receiving my first camera as a present at the age of 12 and I was lucky enough to attend Cardiff Fashion Week in 2012, from this point I just fell in love with my camera.  I also love to draw and paint, when completing my Art and Design GCSE I would incorporate a lot of photography into my work and this is where I found a big love for it as well. All of my GCSE's, A-levels and my degree have all been creative based. I have a BA (hons) degree in fashion and would love to pursue a career as a fashion photographer/stylist!  


As I am progressing through my photography career, I am developing a keen interest in the urban sights of the world and enjoy taking pictures of this setting as nothing is perfect. I enjoy the grunginess side to the world as I feel like it shows realness. I love fashion and do enjoy a photoshoot, there's something very exciting and thrilling about them and it keeps you on your toes! I enjoy everything from the planning of the shoot to editing the pictures. I love seeing the aftermath of all the hard work.


Travelling is a very big part of my life and this is why I also love photography as it allows me to take my camera everywhere I go. It keeps me on the go and loving what I do. 

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